The on-line guide
This site is an attempt to gather information about Märklin products. I have designed it in a hierarchical manner as follows.

Anything that Märklin has made can be entered. This is the highest level item that can be entered. Most items have a catalog number, so think of the top level as being like a catalog number.

Many of the catalog numbered items tended to vary over the years. For example catalog item 3029 (A small tank locomotive) has a number of variations. Each variation can be added at the next level down. Spare parts that the variation uses can be defined at this level.

Finally, for each variation, one can add sale values, box information, serial number as well as upload a picture.

For example, my parents bought me a 3029 locomotive from a shop in Germany in 1964. The price is still written on the box - 15.- DM so I am able to submit an example entry to indicate that a 3029 sold for DM15 in 1964 bought new at a shop. In addition to the sale value, I can indicate the type of box and its print run information... The print run information tells us when & where the box was printed which gives as a maximum age for the box.

Here is an example...

If you click on a blue triangle you will see more detail. In the example above, the 'Black Cylinder Blocks' variation has been opened to reveal an example of that variant.

As sale prices are entered for each variation we will be able to build a picture of the value of each item over time and from various sources, (dealers, auctions, etc.) Please do not add advertised prices. Only add prices for transactions that you know actually took place.

If you provide a password each time you create a document you will be able edit and delete that document later.

Please check to see if your catalog number or variant has already been added before adding it again.

I have made it possible to upload your picture of items. Do not infringe other people's copyright and also do not upload huge pictures. Pictures should be about 500 pixels wide and preferably in JPG format.

Please do not abuse this site or I will shut it down and restrict usage to myself and friends only.

I make no claim that the information presented here is accurate.
I make no claim that this site will be available forever. (I'll try though)

Dale Schultz