04/26/2007 RemoteSign display

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RemoteSign display
Well actually it looks much better than that because I reduced the screen shot by 50% for this web page...
Here is a part of the screen to show what the sign really look like:
Detail of RemoteSign
You too can play with the software you can download it from http://remotesign.mixmox.com I need to somehow create animated gif images to illustrate the animation of the signs on the web. Until I can do that you need to grab a copy and see for yourself on your computer.

If you want it to work with your train control software such as TPL, RR&Co, Koplooper, TrainNet, etc. you should contact the author and ask them to add support. I will do what I can to make it easy for them.

Now all I need to do is mount a flat panel monitor on the wall... an old PC will be able to drive it easily.

If you want to see the screen at full resolution, open the section below by clicking in the blue triangle.
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