01/27/2007 Review: Märklin mobile crane 46715

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Crane control screen

The crane can be operated using the mouse or by the arrow keys for slewing left and right and raising and lowering the hook. PageUp and PageDown will raise and lower the boom. Full bidirectional communication with the Intellibox is supported, meaning that if you make any changes on the Intellibox 'by hand' those changes are also reflected on the computer.

In order to help you see what you are doing on the Intellibox, changes to the functions that matter are reflected on screen using a blue highlight. So for example, if you pressed the F3 function button, the screen will indicate that the crane is now in 'hook' mode...
Raising or lowering the hook

If the motor is activated either from the Intellibox, or from the PC keyboard or mouse, the action is indicated as can be seen in this example where the crane is being slewed to the right:

Slewing to the right

And yes, (unless your name is Wim), you can use my software to do this too... what you need is the following:

An Intellibox connected to a Windows PC
My BW Lite software which you can download from http://bw.mixmox.com
The Märklin 46715 crane (OK you don't really need the crane, you could pretend you have one but its not as much fun)
Configuration setting to get your crane to work with the Intellibox are here

User interface design and images are Copyright Dale Schultz 2007

It is believed that the Fire train crane 46716 will also be controllable in the same way.
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