11/17/2007 Heavy machinery

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D56, D65, D89, D0, D73, D88


Die-cast machinery



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They are die-cast. Made by Kramer Products. The dealer had them in an unfinished, unpainted state for $2.20 and finished and painted for $3.60. By unfinished, I mean one still needs to file off bits from the casting process. I bought a lathe, drill press, small crane, guillotine, grinder and a press. I have painted them up and made them all dirty and I think they look very nice in the sheds.

I used acrylic paints.

Drill Press

Lightweight crane, press, lathe



The drill press is very fragile - the pole bends a bit. The guillotine does not have a motor in the back - must be out for repair....

The manufacturer has a web site but it's pretty awful - it does not even list the products I bought today - but I could see them in a set.
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