02/06/2008 Faller 120146 Sand bunker and sanding tower

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Sand bunker and sanding tower



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This kit is very easy to put together. Not a lot of pieces.

I painted many of the pieces before assembling them, for example some weathering of the tower foundation:

and all the walls etc:

Although styrene window material is supplied, there are no decals to place behind the glass to suggest any interior detailing. I added some brick texture to the back walls in case I add an interior light.

For the sand bunker, I shaped some Styrofoam to look like heaps of sand...

Which I then covered with the supplied 'sand' material.

I tried to shape the sand to look as if it was being drawn down at the end adjacent to the pumping room.

The railing as the top of the tower needed a fair bit of coaxing into the correct position.
The safety rungs over the main ladder have no recesses into which they can be securely glued.
The sand hose supports have no recesses into which they can be securely glued.
The upper sand storage is made of two halves which were attached to the sprues by their edges. This makes detaching the parts with a clean edge impossible. It would be so much simpler to attach such parts to the sprue at invisible places on the parts.

Since the tower will only have track on one side of it, I did not install the sanding hose on the second side.

Here is where they will be placed on the layout. They are not yet installed - I will try to post more images when they are properly in place and landscaped in.

Back view...

Update - I installed a light (LED from Trainaidsa.com)
The large hole is to provide room for the stairwell of the pump room.

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