09/24/2005 Crane and Keyboard tabs

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The crane control is very similar to that of the main program . Clicking anywhere in the green panel sets the hook to go up/down and sets the jib to slew left or right at the same time. In this screen the crane is set to raise the hook (its above the horizontal line) and slew left (it to the left of the vertical line) relatively slowly. The further from the center the faster the movement.
Crane control screen
Any input made to the crane from the main console or from the IB is also reflected on the PocketPC.

The keyboard tab allows me to activate any of the k83/84 outputs that the Intellibox supports. I pick any address and then click on either the red or green panel.
k83/k84 testing screen

On activation, the main program will optionally announce "red" or "green" as it is switched providing auditory feedback as well.

The screens and their layout shown here are copyright Dale Schultz 2005.
Wim, that means you may not copy the screen layout and pass it off as yours OK.
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